Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements in new Snickers Australia Ad.

I wonder how many people actually bothered watching the ad



Eat snickers, prevent yourself from unwittingly respecting women.

also, don’t read the comments of the video.

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Appropriate Responses To "Are You On Your Period?"


-“I’m not bleeding, you are” *stabs with shank you keep in garter, laughing*

-Open Mouth, Eat Whole, with Diet Coke and cheese fries on the side thank you burp burp

-Turn Around, Walk Away, Press Button That Triggers Explosion While You Walk Away

-Grabs ear, drags to authority figure, scolds…

Nick Cannon is in whiteface.



If you’re mad about it, calling him a racist, or calling me hypocritical for not being mad about it, you have a Kindergarten understanding of Race 101 at best and at worst (but most probably) you’re blindly ignorant to the very obvious differences between blackface and whiteface.

I’m trying to get my hair/outfit together to be Job Interview Ready tomorrow, but let me take a quick minute to throw the major differences at you right fast and in a hurry.

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This is called Breakfast in the South.  


This is called Breakfast in the South.  


Government, Monty Python Style

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Missing people reminds you that you’re not in jannah yet. Jannah is the land without separation, where “you will be with those you love.”

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The Human Torch is Black for the next Fantastic 4 Series

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“’Everything is permitted’? I like the sound of that. Talking how I like, and acting how I please.”

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